Hi, this is Kylee, i am the co owner of this blog, and i just want to introduce myself.

so I run Louisstommo.tumblr.com and I am really free hearted, I will always be that one friend who listen to you when you need me too. I am always the one to try to give you the best advice i can. i want you to know you can trust me with anything. dont be afraid to ask, and or share i am 15 years young, Im from Illinois, and I will be on at least everyday, and if we start to have heart to hearts and you want to talk to me just ask, Bridget is the owner and she is amazing. she care 320483 times more than me, her blog is http://styuhls.tumblr.com/ she will be on here soon. we will both be here to listen to you :D

xx -ky

Hello! I’m Bridget, and I don’t know if Kylee minds me editing her introductory post, but I’m going to take a chance. I know for sure that Kylee and I will do our best to help you, and relate to you in any way we can! We are in absolutely no place to judge at all, and we’ve both been through really hard things. If you need us, don’t be afraid to drop by and ask us things. Anon or not. We will try our hardest to give you good advice. Please don’t be afraid to talk to us. We’re only here to try to help you. You deserve to be here, okay?
~Bridget ♥
Kylee you are amazing omg.